Date: 16 November 2019, Saturday | Time: 8.30am to 1.00pm | Venue : Raffles Specialist Centre / Raffles Hospital Lobby

​Fiesta ​Programme
8.30 am Registration Opens View Map for location
9.00 am - ​9.20 am Discover What Your Teeth Replacement Options Are.
Speaker: Dr Samuel Loh
Dental Surgeon, Raffles Dental
​Main Stage
9.30 am - 9.50 am Fact or Myth? Are Vaccines Only For Kids?
Speaker: Dr Leyland Chuang
​Infectious Disease, Raffles Internal Medicine
​Main Stage
10.00 am - 10.20 am Use it or Lose it!: All You Need to Know about Dementia
Speaker: Dr Nur Farhan
Geriatric Medicine, Raffles Internal Medicine
Main Stage 

10.30 am - 11.15 am

Resistance Band Workout.
Organised by Health Promotion Board, bands will be provided.
Main Stage
11.30am – 11.50am Men and their water works.
Speaker: Dr Lim Kok Bin
Urology, Raffles Urology Centre
Main Stage
1.00 pm End  

Partner Booths

Fun activities and informational sessions during the fiesta.


Chinese Medicine restores balance in the body to achieve improved overall wellbeing. Find out how our team of English and Mandarin speaking physicians can help to balance your flow of energy.

Booth D2


Raffles Connect is an app that take the way you access healthcare to the next level. With the app, you can video-consult a Raffles Medical doctor any time (with medication delivered to you), make medical appointments, stay updated with your personal records and select health services and supplements!

Booth C2


Hear from our Dental team on what are some of the appropriate management procedures for your teeth conditions!

Booth A2


Improving your quality of life with quality supplements and wellness products is simple! Check out what we have in store for the Merdeka Generation!

Booth A2


Not all superheroes don capes, at Raffles Health Insurance we carry shields! Find out what our shield plans are!

Booth C1


Are you prepared when emergencies happen? Do you know how to work an automated external defibrillator (AED)? Get your hands on one and learn how to do practical First Aid for seniors.

Booth D4


Staying in shape isn’t just the right diet and exercise. Even the shiniest and fanciest of cars needs to have what’s under the hood checked regularly. You should do the same even if you think you are in the pink of health. Find out about our screening packages here!

Booth B2


Measure your glucose in a flash! No more finger pricks! Be in the know if your blood sugar level is high or low! Discover how this is possible with Raffles Diabetes & Endocrine Centre.

Booth D1


Hear from our team on the subsidies available and ‘How-Tos’ of managing Diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Booth B1


The Merdeka Generation Package supports you to age actively and purposefully. Find out how the Package benefits you! Join the sharing session by the Silver Generation Office Ambassadors.

Booth A1


Don’t have green fingers? Fret not! Buy a potted plant that’s fuss free yet aesthetically appealing!

Booth B4


Not sure where to go for healthier food options or how to find somewhere to work out at? The Healthy 365 app by Health Promotion Board does this and more!

Booth B3


Looking for a convenient and pain free cervical screening? Look no more, the Delphi screener is here!

Booth A3


Join the NYP booth for some fun and games which you can recreate back at home for your love ones with dementia! There will also be educational workshops on dementia that is sure to be beneficial for caregivers.

Booth E​6


Quality hearing begins with us. Hear clearly now, drop by The Hearing Centre booth for a quick test of your auditory nerves!

Booth A4


B-I-G Day (Beat Invisible Glaucoma)
• Complimentary Glaucoma Screening
• Rayban Sunglasses at $150
• Polarised Sunglasses at $48

Booth D3


Every Breakfast meal and main course purchased will be entitled to a complimentary black coffee (Americano) or hot tea. Flash your Pioneer/ Merdeka Generation card or eligibility to enjoy. Valid only on 16 Nov 2019, from 830am to 1pm.


Spend a minimum of $15 on 16 Nov and get a free Dimbulah umbrella! While stocks last!


Claim A Free Natural Immunobooster! With Every Juice Purchased! EGA Cold Pressed Juices are made fresh without any additives. Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality in nutritional value.


Fun Toast – Every registered participant will receive a 25% discount card. This is valid for a one-time purchase at Fun Toast Raffles Hospital outlet. Please register at the form below and collect it at the registration counter on 16 Nov 2019, from 830am to 1pm.


Special promo on 16 Nov 2019 !
1. 10% off all regular items
2. Coffee or Tea + 2pcs half boil eggs + white bread kaya butter at $2.50/set
3. Stall R4 Kampong Delight - $20.80 for special set!

MG Fiesta Map

MG Fiesta Floor Plan