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Ms Derserri Chee Yan Ting

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Senior Occupational Therapist
PhD. Philosophy (Aus)
BSc. (Hons) Occupational Therapy


Rehabilitation Centre

Occupational Therapy

Clinical Interest

Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation, Lymphoedema Management, Neurological Rehabilitation, Paediatric Handwriting Difficulties


Derserri obtained her degree in Occupational Therapy with First Class Honours from Curtin University, Western Australia in 2010, and completed her postgraduate doctorate studies in Occupational Therapy in 2019. Prior to joining Raffles Hospital, Derserri practised in the public and private sectors in Australia and Singapore, in areas of specialised hand therapy, soft tissue therapy, orthopaedics, and paediatrics. As a hand therapist, she has treated extensively in fractures, tendonitis, nerve and traumatic crush injuries.

Derserri takes on a holistic care approach and endeavours to understand the challenges her patients face. She works closely with her patients to achieve the best possible outcome for them to resume their normal lifestyles. Derserri has special interests in innovative splint fabrication, lymphoedema management, rehabilitation of peripheral nerve injuries and paediatric handwriting difficulties. 

With a strong research background, Derserri has co-authored and published academic articles for the Journal of Hand Therapy, and Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. Apart from being actively involved in research, Derserri has also presented at conferences in Australia and taught the Orthoses and Upper Limb Rehabilitation unit at Curtin University. As a previous associate member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association, Derserri has successfully completed a range of courses including the Fundamentals of Hand Therapy, Orthotic Fabrication Mobilisation, and the Peripheral Nerve Injury and Guided Plasticity workshop.


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