Fertility and Women’s Health

Our physicians in the Fertility and Women’s Health team work with women to attain holistic health, and assist couples to enhance fertility in their journeys to become parents.

We help restore the physiological and emotional imbalances a woman may experience at different stages of life – puberty, menopause and old age. Conditions we treat include premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, absence of periods, menopause and associated symptoms.

For women who are ready to become mothers, TCM has a rich history of aiding natural conception. We offer acupuncture and herbal medicine therapy for pre-natal and post-delivery care. Our team helps address fertility risk factors in women, including endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, elevated FSH, poor uterine lining and poor egg quality. 

Infertility in men is also addressed by our TCM treatments.
The TCM Perspective From the TCM perspective, the kidney, spleen and liver are the three most relevant internal organs affecting the functions of the female reproductive system.


One of the major functions of the kidney is to store the kidney Jing (the essence of life), which includes pre-natal Jing (inherited from parents, and not replaceable) and post-natal Jing (acquired from food and replaceable). The kidney Jing can be transformed into blood and kidney Qi, which becomes the source of human growth, development and reproduction.

to TCM, the variation of kidney Jing supply produces significant physiological changes in a woman’s life every seven years. At seven, a girl starts to mature into a young woman; at 14, she has her first menstruation and is able to conceive; at 21 and 28, she reaches her most fertile years; at 35, her fertility starts to diminish; at 42, her fertility is low and at 49, a woman’s kidney Jing is depleted, and therefore, she menopauses.


The main functions of the spleen are to transform food nutrients to Qi, blood and post-natal Jing and to keep the blood circulating within the vessels.


Two of the major functions of the liver are to regulate Qi (vital energy) and blood, and to store blood.