Painless Dental Treatment

dental-sedationRaffles Dental offers painless dental treatment, which is especially suitable for people who have fear or anxiety visiting a dentist. Such fear or anxiety could arise from:

  • Unpleasant dental experiences in the past 
  • Pain and needles 
  • Sound of the drill 
  • Feeling of gagging or choking 
  • Taste of dental materials 
  • Difficulty in being “numbed up” for dental procedures 
  • Difficulty keeping still for dental procedures
  • Nervousness and tension with regard to undergoing any procedure 

Painless dental treatment is achieved through sedation, which helps you go to sleep during the dental session. 

Sedation is different to a general anaesthetic. With sedation, you will breathe on your own without the need for any gases or machines. Hence, it is safer and more cost effective than a general anesthetic. Most patients say that it makes a two-hour procedure feel like only five minutes. They are often unable to recollect any of the noises or sensations associated with dental treatment and mostly feel like they have had a long restful nap. This technique is very widely used in the UK, US and Canada.

Sedation for the dental treatment will be administered by a dental anaesthesiologist who will continue to monitor your physiological parameters. After the scheduled treatment plan is completed for the session, you will be allowed to rest under observation after which you will be able to go home.

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