Cancer Complementary Care

cancer complementary careOur TCM physicians employ a holistic approach to boost a patient’s general health condition before, during and after cancer treatment. Particular attention is given to ensuring that the digestive system, liver function, kidney function, immune function and emotional state are maintained at optimal levels in order to strengthen patients in their fight against cancer.

While western medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy focus on killing cancer cells, TCM therapy complements by enhancing the patient’s overall health and vitality.

TCM considers the cause of most cancers to be Qi (vital energy) stagnation, or Qi loss. Such dysfunction will result in phlegm, blood stagnation, and production of heat toxins. The main factors that block the flow of Qi can come from both external (toxins and environment) and internal (prolonged emotional stress, overwork, improper lifestyle and diet) sources.

TCM herbal medication and acupuncture therapy can help to improve immunity. Our physicians will also recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to promote healing and reduce the chance of cancer recurrence.